CPX Review


The Final Nail
Release Date 5th November 2012
C.P.X. New album out now!
C.P.X – Illinois, USA
Genre: Hard Rock/Metal
C.P.X transpired on the 17th September 2005 and they can also give you the time of their creation being 2.23pm Central Standard Time – how about that for being precise!
C.P.X is, just a two man band, who clearly have the respect and admiration for each other allowing the musical creativity to flow freely.  The heart of C.P.X is as their biog says rooted in hard rock but as with most bands the direction is prone to changing resulting in an ultimate blur of boundaries that must be experienced through auditory and visual senses... so I am looking forward to unleashing this on my ailing speakers...
Great cover of a grey coffin with the words “The Final Nail” etched onto the side of it with the roses giving that add of colour.
1.  The Final Nail
Nice chugging to open this eleven track CD which leaves a nice sleazy tang on the tongue! It’s got a swagger of stoner/doom to it with a nice gutsy vocal element. It’s slow and ambient with quality beats, chords and very moreish.
2.  The Line
Nice melodic opening that again chugs like a train. Great riffs and solid beats bring this track into being. Good hard rock and creative with unusual riffs sounding quite eastern in delivery. It has that American feel to it which stands out a mile.
3.  I've Lost My Sun
Starts with a voice saying: “My sun is gone!” The twists and turns on this track are immense! Considering there are just two members in the band they fit a lot into their recordings. It has that addictive element running through it that I crave - great track that has lots of swagger and added punch.
4.  Her Secret Place
Great chugging and what can only be described as “Zeppelinesque” vocals with a woman squeaking in the background. Musically superb it really is a good track to get your teeth into.
5.  Out of the Darkness
Eerie and ambient with quirky little strings and a rock n roll vocal swagger that sounds totally different to the previous track! The jangling strings give it a uniqueness all its own.
6.  Wall of Noise
Thunderous vocals here and the sound of police sirens! Again a lovely swagger of gutsy riffs and chunky beats that for the person who loves stoner/doom will adore this track. It has a good drive and lots of energy that is put to great use. There is a sample in there too but hard to decipher what is actually being said as the music tends to counteract the voice, but it is reminiscent of Hitler on a rant!
7.  As I Exit
Wild guitars and scathing vocal but not in an extreme sense more of the rock n roll variety! It offers a chant like vocal to some melodic beats and interesting riffs.
8.  Just Let Me Breath
Good incidental samples begin and then a fierce vocal comes into play with astonishing background of sound with ambiance.  It then slows and the vocals change to utterly clean and then the sounds kick up dust and change direction – very enjoyable track with a lot of power and swagger behind it. This is mighty ambitious and versatile.
9.  Backstabber
This must be the jazz version! A lot going on here, vocals are choppy and gravelly and the music is choppy too! Although it has some good melodic content and driving rhythm and the breakdown towards the end is somewhat interesting. Check it out!
10. Bottled
Back to eerie ambiance slow and defined almost classical with utterly clean vocals that really do the track justice.  I love this sound. The blend of guitar and drums are incredible. The change in vocals is superb and the meaty bass hook adds depth. Will have to repeat this track! Nice chill out music with lingering finish.
11.  This Ain't the End
Rough and raucous guitar riffs and almost aloof vocals – it has energy but in spurts. Guitar is really energizing and addictive just love it! Vocals return to a chant in places but sounding melodic and capture the feel of that good old rock n roll vibe.
With not having the tracks listed on the CD was a bit of a set-back but all in all 11 tracks of good ole rock n roll with a modern day twist! For just two guys this is really great stuff and they clearly have their journey mapped out in true C.P.X style.
Really good listening with variance and dynamic attack making this an unusual CD with lots to listen to within this little silver disc and well worthy of a listen. Check them out on the link above – if you love rock n roll and stoner/doom genres then you are going to feast on these eleven tracks for sure.  Look out for “Her Secret Place” and see if you don’t hear a Zepplinesque sound... Embrace it, Listen to the diversity and go and see them live if they are within earshot!
Track List:
1. The Final Nail
2. The Line
3. I've lost My Sun
4. Her Secret Place
5. Out of the Darkness
6. Wall of Noise
7. As I Exit
8. Just Let Me Breathe
9. Backstabber
10. Bottled
11. This Ain't the End
Brandon Underwood – Drums and Percussion
Michael Smith – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards and Samples